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Traffic Control and Survivallence Systems

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What are the names of the codes which are needed for RTGS ? Payment and wire transfer respectively ?

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what is genpact? Tell us about genpact? what is GE? Tell us about GE? Describe your ideal company,location and job? why we should hire you? why do you want to join our company(GE)? What is capital bugeting? Explain the methods of capital bugeting in detail?

20 Answers   Bank Of America, GE, Genpact, HCL, ICICI, Oxygen,

what is mean by credit purchase?

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What is the working formula for Working Capital

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What is Owner's Equity?

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You are working in a Company but due to certain reasons you were not able to complete the work given to you on time, so to write a Letter of Apology to your Senior regarding it.

0 Answers   EDS,


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what is IFRS ?Brifely explain.

2 Answers   Innodata,

What form of classification of expenses is expected for a charity whose gross income does not exceed ?250,000 preparing accruals accounts?

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