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what do structure language means?

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what do structure language means?..

Answer / ankith.v

we need to follow Syntax

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what do structure language means?..

Answer / salim

structured programming language enforces logical structure
of the program being written to make it more easy to
understand and modify.It deploys top-down design model.
A defined function or a set of similar functions are coded
in separate module or submodule which means that code can
be loaded in memory more efficiently and modules can be
used in other programs more efficiently.

Structured languages support several looping constructs
such as for,while,do-while etc.
In structured language the use of goto is either prohibited
or discouraged and is not the common form of program

A structured language allows you to place statements
anywhere on a line and doesn't require a strict field

Eg Pascal,Ada,C++,C,Java,Modula-2.

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what do structure language means?..

Answer / sindhu

the question is not rightly framed..grammar mistake..

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