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Can we declare function inside main?

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Write a program to display the no of bit difference between any 2 given numbers eg: Num1 will 12->1100 Num2 will 7->0111 the difference in bits are 2.

4 Answers  

How to write a code for random pick from 1-1000 numbers? The output should contain the 10 numbers from the range 1-1000 which should pick randomly, ie ,for each time we run the code we should get different outputs.

12 Answers   NetApp,

there is two conditions , 1. while using for loop for printing 1 to 50 no's simulteneous 2. while using printf functios for printing 1 to 50 no's simulteneous with or without using variables who will take more time for compiling and execution? explain in details with reason?

1 Answers  

const char * char * const What is the differnce between the above tow?.

6 Answers   Ramco, TCS,

enum colors {BLACK,BLUE,GREEN} main() { printf("%d..%d..%d",BLACK,BLUE,GREEN); return(1); }

4 Answers   ME,

what is data structure?

5 Answers   CBSE,

Is there any book to know about Basics of C Language?

4 Answers  

What is the difference between realloc() and free()

1 Answers  

What is 2 d array in c?

0 Answers  

Explain union. What are its advantages?

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Write a C/C++ program to add a user to MySQL. The user should be permitted to only "INSERT" into the given database

2 Answers   TCS, Unisys, Webyog,

Is python a c language?

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