Differences between applications and applets?

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Differences between applications and applets?..

Answer / senthil kumar.t

Applications are simple java program that can be run from
java console.

applets are java program that can be run from internet

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Differences between applications and applets?..

Answer / antony

Java applications fit the traditional application model
in the sense that they are executed from a command line and
need to be installed on, or migrated to, each application
host machine and then executed within that machine's JVM


Applets do not live in a page as is commonly perceived.
Applets are actually Java classes identified via HyperText
Markup Language (HTML) tags within Web documents, it is
these HTML tags that are embedded within Web documents.
Java Applets are loaded from Web Servers somewhere on the
Internet or within your corporate Intranet or Extranet.

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Differences between applications and applets?..

Answer / lalit gupta

Applications are simple java program which are run on
console .Application can not be run without java.

but Applets are java program that can be run on console as
well as browser. Applet can be run without java because
every OS has JVM.JVM invoke applet without java.

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