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every refrerating system shall be protected by

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how can get electrical supervisory competency certificate in state govt.

0 Answers   ONGC,

what is the relationship between the price and volume of securities in share market?

0 Answers  

how to apply of export document cource which is the best classes for export documentation please advice me.

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Which of the following statements about R/3 instances are correct? More than one answer is correct. a) An R/3 instance is an administrative unit that combines together all the components of a R/3 system that provide one or more services. b) A central R/3 system consists of one or more Instances. c) Each instance has its own SAP buffer area. d) Each instance contains at least one dialog service. Note: I am sure about a,d. But what about c???

2 Answers   SAP Labs,

I want to ask two questions.No.1 i intend to go usa for ESL (english as second language)do i still need to provide TOEFL scores in my visa interview.No.2 my college dues are $(2071)how much bank balance do i need to show,plzzz reply me

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what is the differance between item category amd material type ?

1 Answers   Sail,

Can any body mail me latest SAS advancce latest dumps at

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any one send sql 2008 certification dumps to my mail id

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Auction pay-in

1 Answers   Motilal Oswal,

is there any certification exam for javascript.?

1 Answers  

salary package for sap fico fresher (zero experinece)

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Hi, can anyone share their informatica certification dumps with me, please?! Thanks for the help - Priya.

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