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Answer / guduri

Open Cash Credit

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Answer / sankeerthana

Online Curriculam Centre

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What is the P/E ratio?and Explain About P/E Ration?

1 Answers  

Dear Sir, i am working automobiles manufacturing company. pls tell me following under head in tally 9.00:- Type of A/c= ledger under creat Sales = Sales Account Purchases= Purchase Account Excise Duty on Sales=???? Education & she=??? Cenvat on Purchase=??? HVat=???? CST=??? Excise P.L.A.=????? TDS=????? WCT=???

1 Answers  

is there any difference in contribution and net profit? if yes what is that?

2 Answers   KPIT,


1 Answers  

Is there any difference between Expenses and Payments

4 Answers  

When is proposed divided a current Liability and when is it non-current liability? Why is it in the list of Current Capital Accounts?

0 Answers  

fill in the Blanks One Example of external users of accounting information_____

3 Answers  

What is money at call and short notice ?

3 Answers   L&T, Lakshmi Vilas Bank, Sathya Technologies,

can anyone provide me the Balance Sheet Items & Profit & Loss A/c Items & Accounting Heads with Accounting codes?

2 Answers  

i want know how to calculate it in payroll please mail me the percentages using there ?

0 Answers  

What is Provision for expenses?

0 Answers   ThyssenKrupp,

Can anybody tell me how much salary m show in my resume for expection for the next job m graduate 2year accounts experience?

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