What happens when a main method is declared as private?

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Answer / harsha

When a method is declared as private, the program compiles
properly but it will give runtime error ?Main method not

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Answer / yogesh gandhi

Wrong Vani.

The output of the program is

C:\>javac abc.java

C:\>java abc
Main method not public.

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Answer / amit kumar chaubey

If the main function is made private...it will compile
Sucessfully...and at the time of execution...it will
execute successfully...but desired result will not be
obtained. After execution..folowin message will be printed:
Main method not public.

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Answer / srinivasa

JVM is also a program. If main() is declared as privateit
is not available outside of that class . So JVM through the

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Answer / kundan

when u will declare main method is private
it will successfully compile and Run
and result will publish,

class A
int x=7;
void show(){
class Test
private static void main(String args[])
A a = new A();

out put:-
Main method not public

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Answer / ashish

it compile easily... but it will give an error at the time
of execution .....

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Answer / md parwez alam

does not have a main method

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Answer / r.jainrocks@gmail.com

Byte that have main() implementation can become starting
point of program .

if a program have no main()

public static void main(String[] args)

properly it can't become starting point in application
it can be use through other program which capable to become
starting point.

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Answer / subha narayan mohapatra

it will generate an error message because main() method is
the start or execution point in our java program.

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Answer / sagar chavan

If the main function is made private,

we can do it but the starting point of project should be changed. By default it is main.

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