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What is meant by Java interpreter?

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What is meant by Java interpreter?..

Answer / ranganathkini

The Java interpreter is a part of the JVM which translates
Java bytecodes into native machine codes and executes them.

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What is meant by Java interpreter?..

Answer / chandrarekha

The Java Virtual Machine(JVM) consists of class
loaders,execution engine and the JIT compiler. The
execution engine has the java interpreter which does line
by line conversion of the java class file or the byte code
into machine code...

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What is meant by Java interpreter?..

Answer / manikandan [ gtec,vellore ].

it converts byte code into machine understandable code and
JVM does this job.

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What is meant by Java interpreter?..

Answer / boopathi

java interpreter is part of JVM ,which is used to convert from byte code to the machine understandable code,user can easily identify the byte code, but they can't identify the machinary code .so more securablr also.

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