Expand ________GIR

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Expand ________GIR..

Answer / jakkaram

general Index register

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Expand ________GIR..

Answer / mudunoori

Google Image Ripper

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Can v transfer trail balance to journal entry how and with example?

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How do you identify the amount of realised gain or loss on the disposal of an investment asset?

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Can anybody tell what is the link b/w reporate and inflation? How these parameters vary???

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what is the difference between charge & appropriation

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can we revised er-3 return.

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What is Accumulated Depreciation?

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what is Debit note and Credit Note ?

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deffered tax treatment in financial statements

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What is the accounting treatment for TDS and service tax?

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Expand ________ACCB

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e.g of derivatives

1 Answers   Karvy,