Two's compliment of -5

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Two's compliment of -5..

Answer / vignesh1988i

first write the given number in it's binary format.
am considering only 8 bit at a time ,
5- 0000 0101
step 1: convert this binary format to one's compliment (ie)
change 0 to 1 and 1 to 0.
1111 1010

step 2: add 1 to the above binary format.

1111 1010
1111 1011

so this binary format will get stored in memory and the sign
bit will be set to 1.

always the negative number will be stored only in 2's

thank u

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Two's compliment of -5..

Answer / ramprasad g

ans: +5

-5 will be stored as 2's complement of 5
2's complement of -5, is thus 2 times 2's complement of 5.
so the ans is 5 itself.

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Two's compliment of -5..

Answer / ataraxic

Or in other words

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Two's compliment of -5..

Answer / vadivel t

2's compliment of a -ve no is, positive value of the same

void main()
int no1, res;
printf("ENTER THE NEGATIVE NO: \n");
scanf("%d", &no1);
no1 = ~(no1);
res = no1 | 0x01;
printf("\nRESULT: %d", res);

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