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Hi...I've my interview in Dena Bank on 20th...I mean
tomorrow...I've just came to know that it carries 100
marks!!!That's a bit surprising...isn't it?So the interview
will last for 30 mins. or more than that??
I'm not habituated with speaking in what about
that?I haven't received any call-letter & they issued
duplicate one...They just mailed me on 13th...
Will the interview will be in full English?I have read about
the bank-history and some questions lyk repo-rate, crr etc.
This is my 1st I'm a bit nervous...& I'm also
a bit shy in plz suggest something...If anyone
have given Dena Bank interview plz tell how was it, what
they asked etc.
By the way, I also cleared BOB & its interview is on 22nd of
this month...
PS: my interview is on 8:00 AM tomorrow in Kolkata

thanx in advance :)

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