BSRB Clerical Interview Questions
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Recently Union Defence Minister launched army?s strategic broadband satellite network, what it is named?

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Who among the following was the first economist to hold the office of Secretary, Department of Economic Affairs in the Union Finance Minister?

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What does the abbreviation ATR stand for?


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Which of the following companies have started a rural marketing network called ?e-chaupal??

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Where the decision to form the Indian National Army was was taken?

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At which India?s first Net Route Server has been set up?

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Which city will host 2012 Olympic Games?

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Who is the author of ?Soul and Structure of Governance in India?

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Who invented Oral Polio Vaccine?

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Which was the first computer language developed?

State Bank Of India SBI,

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To which sport the word ?Smasher? is associated?

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How many number of vertebrae are in human body?

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Which film was adjudged as best film in recent 52 National Film Festival?

Andhra Bank, State Bank Of India SBI,

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On which river the Baglihar Power Project is being built?

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Who is the first bowler of International cricket in taking 600 wickets?

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hii i selected for karnataka bank interview is 1st june 2011. im frm andhra pradesh.can i get job placement to andhra after finishing the interview.any 1 selected frm andhra plz msg me on 7207655202


hi...this is mrigendra from delhi,,,,i have already applied for sbi clerk cadre...but my graduation completed in 2012,,,m i existing certification criteria?... any body please if u know ....urgent


aLL SBI Aspirants from UTTARAKHAND share your views to help each other here.


what are the total no of branches and atms of union bank of india?


hi friends !!! do anyone have any idea , after how many days of result declaration, sbi will commence the training for selected candidates and for how many days n when will they declare details of banks allotted to them ....


are u preparing only for sbi clerical or any other bank?plz help how to answer this


Hello guys and gals, Congratulations to those who have passed their exam for SBI clerk 2010. I am also through with the exam and have my interview scheduled on 30th April 2010. Could you people who are having interview before this date let me know the questions asked(after your interview). I am commerce graduate and I will appreciate your help before this date. Thanks and All D Best.


what is bank crisis


hi, my hobbies are calligraphy and danceing which type of question can be asked frm my hobbies .....plz reply fast bcoz my interview is on 6th may...


wil u pls send me previous papers of bsrb clerical


what is your philosophy towards work?


I had completed my sbi clerical interview...... do anyone know on wat basis the interview held? it on merit order or category or roll number....when will be the final result announced and what is the last date for interview schedule?


hey guys i attended my interview on 29th April in a delhi zone.They were asking so simple question that i was surprised. I preapred day and night for the interview collecting all the question from this link and other site as well as from GS book but they simply asked 1) tell us about ur family 2) about u 3) Why u want to join banking and not IT . 4) Advantages and disadvantages of computer. 5) Where is hawamahal. 6) about pink city 7) who discovered electron. 8) who invented telephone. that's all I think it was just waste of time preparing banking related questions.


i finished my interview on 8th may....... they asked me these questions...... 1)tell me abt urself(I andwered for 2 mins) 2)difference between 2g and 3g(3g is faster than 2g)i forgot to answer that 3g has more bandwidth and it is circuit switched network 3)what is the uniqueness of 500 rupees note (that circle at corner for blind people , wen in light the colour of 500 changes) 4)what is the technology of atm(i dont know) 5)what are the different types of deposits(Recurring and fixed deposits) 6)what is recent hockey tournament going on(this also i dont know) 7)who is leading in recent world chess championship(anand wen i saw but later i dont know who was leading) 8)who is topper in recent IAS exams?(i didnt answer) 9)what u consider as ur life time achievement? the panel was very no tension...... ALL THE BEST for the rest........