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BSRB Clerical Interview Questions
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Recently Union Defence Minister launched army?s strategic broadband satellite network, what it is named?

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Who among the following was the first economist to hold the office of Secretary, Department of Economic Affairs in the Union Finance Minister?

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What does the abbreviation ATR stand for?


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Which of the following companies have started a rural marketing network called ?e-chaupal??

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Where the decision to form the Indian National Army was was taken?

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At which India?s first Net Route Server has been set up?

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Which city will host 2012 Olympic Games?

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Who is the author of ?Soul and Structure of Governance in India?

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Who invented Oral Polio Vaccine?

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Which was the first computer language developed?

State Bank Of India SBI,

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To which sport the word ?Smasher? is associated?

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How many number of vertebrae are in human body?

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Which film was adjudged as best film in recent 52 National Film Festival?

Andhra Bank, State Bank Of India SBI,

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On which river the Baglihar Power Project is being built?

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Who is the first bowler of International cricket in taking 600 wickets?

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Hi I have selected for clerical post in vijaya bank and Canara bank . which one is good to join?


aLL SBI Aspirants from UTTARAKHAND share your views to help each other here.


What was the contraversy of NAval chief on 26/11 Mumabi attack


Hi friends, I m Esha Tongya and i hav been shortlisted for SBI Clerical exam. I am a bio postgraduate and would this make a difference in my interview? what can be the interview questions for me and how can i best answer them? pls revert me back with the best reply possible on my mail id Pls hurry....


sir i cleared sbi clerk written and selected for interview. i added my qualification as but i didnt completed. will they allow me to interview??


hii i selected for karnataka bank interview is 1st june 2011. im frm andhra pradesh.can i get job placement to andhra after finishing the interview.any 1 selected frm andhra plz msg me on 7207655202


in sbi associate biodata form,what we have to write under column "indicate faculty " under class x?


please help me if any body face interview today?i have no idea what to do..............please


why do u want to join sbi


when SBI declare its associate banks 6113 clerks posts final results?


i am msc(cs) graduate. in +2 chose commerce.need to tell abt that? what type of questions i expect in computer science and in commerce?


Guys ,Please tell me the coaching center names in Ameerpet or hyderabad...I believe who are selected in SBI they have taken coaching somewhere.(Without Hard work we won't get).. Thanks in Advance...


you have done BE in computer science branch.So why you want to join the bank clerk? plz give me the positive ans regarding the above statement? and send the logic behind it? please send the ans to mail id ""


what are the interview questions asked in sbi about marketing and banking


Am MBA in Finance can anyboby give me suggestions abt the questions on my specialization which i can expect in SBI interview