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United Bank of India Interview Questions
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Please suggest me how to prepare for the Bank Probationary Officers examination. I cant go to any coaching classes, so im preparing at plese tell me any tips regarding how to prepare for the exams.. thank you

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send me for all banking exam questions and answers

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Hi i am preparing for sbi clerical exam please send the material relating to that exam.

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Have you got hall tickets of UBI Pos. There is some doubt regarding the english test. It is mentioned as only qualifying. But the qualifying marks percentage is not given. It is mentioned that bank will decide the pass marks. Added to that the the maximum marks is mentioned in the section as 50. It is added to the total marks of 225. As you know generally banks will not mention marks for the english objective test. I am in dilemma regarding for how many marks we have to answer the english test. Please just have a look into the booklet of UBI po exam.

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Hi anybody could send me united bank of india model papers to my mail-id: .Exam to be held on 28-6-2009


Its almost 2 months when will United bank of india po result be announced. Any idea???????


kindly sent last five years question set of banking to the email id writen below.


i am having the syndicate bank po interview on 24th in chennai.i want some details frm the frnds who hav attended the interview...pls reply wit the answers watever u remain. wr we can find latest events,happenings pls do reply


i am going to appear united bank of india PO personal inter view test. could u plz suggest me the expected interview questions

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i am first time writting ASo exam could you send the model paper


when will be the final results of the personality test of United Bank of India Clerical Grade declared?


when can we expect the result of interview of United Bank of India Clerical post.

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which government body calculates gdp and inflation of india?

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UBI PO Result announced.


UBI Clerical Result declared.

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