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void main()
printf("Hi everybody");
if <stdio.h> will be included then this program will must
compile, but as we know that when we include a header file
in "" then any system defined function find its defination
from all the directrives. So is this code of segment will
compile? If no then why?

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#include"math.h" void main() { printf("Hi everybody"); } if <stdio.h>..

Answer / er. preeti

There is no error in this code. If you will compile this
code in Borland Turbo C++ compiler, then the program will
be compiled easily and no error will be shown at that
time. In addition, if you want the output then include
getch(); after the printf statment. You will get the
output definetly.

#include "math.h"
void main()
printf("Hi Everybody");

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#include"math.h" void main() { printf("Hi everybody"); } if <stdio.h>..

Answer / siva.kumar

above error will come
error C3861: 'printf': identifier not found

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