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Answer / p srinivas

National stock exchange

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Answer / krishna

National Stock Exchange !!

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Answer / a.ahmedhussain

National Stock Exchange.

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1 Answers  

what are the steps used in UAT in Oracle Apps?

0 Answers   Lenorasoft,

what is cost of goods sold?

11 Answers  

what is the distinction between provisions and reserves

2 Answers  

hi all, i'll be grateul if u can help me on this. I'v been selected as a PO in SBI. Simultaneously I'v got a job offer from British High Commission in New Delhi. Can anyone suggest which will be the better option??????????

4 Answers  

why the loss by fire taking in to the credit side of the trading a/c.instead of this is company's loss?

3 Answers  

mutual funds invest in preference shares or not?

4 Answers   Capital IQ,

please answer this question.the following balances were extracted from the books of modern traders on 31st dec, assets(45000)stock1-1-2010(15000)sundry debtors(20600)productive exp(3300)reserves fund(6600)discount received(800)cash in hand(6200)drawing(5000)accomulated dep.(9000)purchases(82000)bad debts(400)unproductive exp.(27400)sundry creditors(9000)sales(120000)cash at bank(25500).adjustments.stock on 31-12-2010(15000).outstanding wages (5000) write-off (600)of further bad debts. create provision for bad & doubtful debts at {5%) on debtors.unproductive expenses includes anitem of prepaid insurance (100).provide depreciation on original cost of fixed assets @ (10%).

0 Answers  

What is a rolling settlement?

1 Answers   Mellon,

Calculate Income Ta X On Nett Income Of Rs 365520 For Men,women And Senior Citizen For The Assessment Years 2009- 10 And 2010-11?

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please send me some previous sbi clerical interview questions to my email id....

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