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Answer /

Core Banking Solution

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Answer / naga laxmi

core banking solution

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Answer / mohd tariq

Central Bureau for Statistics

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Answer / sankeerthana

Central Bus Station

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what is capital budgetting?

7 Answers   FactSet Systems,

What is the Difference between Real Accont and Nominal Account?

16 Answers   GE, KPMG,

why opening stock posted in the credit side

2 Answers  

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hdn Systems Pvt. Ltd., manufactures a consumer durable which passes through two processes M and N. From the following details prepare necessary process ledger accounts bringing out clearly the cost of the product at each stage. Process ‘M’ Process ‘N’ Materials (Rs.) 30,000 3,000 Labour (Rs.) 10,000 12,000 Overheads (Rs.) 7,000 8,600 Input (units) 20,000 17,500 Normal loss 10% 4% Scrap value of loss (per unit) Re. 1.00 Rs. 2.00 There is no opening or closing W-I-P or stock at processes. Final output from the process ‘N’ was 17,000 units

0 Answers  

what is the TTD junior asst exam syllubsexam held on sep 5 th plz tell me sir

2 Answers  

how the loss on sale of furniture will be entered in accounting books

4 Answers  

Waht is general Reserve

3 Answers  

discounted our own note 60-18% for 4,500 note. the proceeds will be directly credited to bank account. what is the entry of this?

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Suppose One asset purchased in 2006year and calculated SLN method depreciation @10%pa for value 100000. Now middle of the present year the assets was transfered to B company. How can we take the accounting for previous depreciation, asset value (transfer value) to debit B company. What is the asset status in BS.

1 Answers   Accenture,

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how to prepare the balance sheet of private ltd. company & what roll should be play by Income tax, compnay law & accounting standard in India & world.

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