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i was born on 7th may 1990...
i'm from andhra pradesh
do i have the right to vote in the coming april elections??
what is the cut off date this time???

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how much important to get police clearance from local police station to Canadian visa?(Work visa)

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What is the organization of the courts?

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I want to sale furniture in west bengal & Gujrat to end user or to a office then should i require road permit & if then from where should i get it. because i am going to bill with 12.5% vat.

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i want to be a lawyer but and i am belonging cultural family so i confused that i will be or not?

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What is Bank Guarenty why it is importent for relesing payment From party.

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what is the minimum age to become aprime minister in india?

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I am trying to select a topic for Ph.D thesis. I am keen to study the Issue of shares at a premium both by listed companies, closely held public companies and privat companies and their impact on the Investors, the general public and the Government. A new company like Reliance power, yet to start the project, charged investors heavily in the name of premium. Also deuped the govt by avoiding payment of fees on authorised capital as otherwise for this amount the company would have been required to pay a good money to the govt. Similarly many companies are doing the same thing. Can you suggest a topic and method of study so that I can prepare the synopsis. Thanks

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in which condition EPF is compulsary to pay epf office in employee account ? and 2nd question if any employee working with in semi skilled category and after two month he will leaves his work or duty in this condition PF is compulsary to deposit in his account ? Reply

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I'm having trouble with the meaning of three words: Lie, Deceive, Mislead. They seem to mean something a bit similar, but not exactly the same. Help me to sort them out from each other.

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Would you be able to do time-recording?

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In which form i will pay Customs duty and customs cess

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This position requires your continued communication with custodial parents. How are your communication skills?

0 Answers   Banking,