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Hi i am shiva kumar, I have completed Graduation B.A
through distance education (kakathiya university), i want
to do law through distance, please suggest me best at

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after retirement, a judge can undertake private practice of law in

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You will be in a position that is the focus of community attention.What are the necessary characteristics to maintain the integrity of our office?

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The smallest number which is divided by 9, 12 and 16, each time 5 remains. The number is

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A doctor is asked by a patient's family member to kill the patient as they are in a lot of pain. Would this be murder?

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we have a licence of manufacturing himachal pradesh, so can we export raw material by purchase from our local vendor by issue of form H to the local vendor ?

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Is someone guilty of an offence if they did not set out to commit a crime but ended up in doing so?

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hai,can anybody send me the material of junior civil judges exam. i dont know how to prepare,if anybody could send me the information about the preparation i eould be very thankful

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Have you any questions about law?

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what type of questions do i expect in a law officer interview?

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Should the media be more regulated by the state?

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Ceiling on eligible loan amount and capital subsidy Latest guidelines by Government of India under scheme CLCSS Term loan are being forwarded for your reference. As per this, we can avail a long, accordingly Maximum limit of eligible loan under the scheme is Rs.100 lakhs and ceiling on Capital subsidy is 15% of eligible plant & machinery subject to maximum of Rs.15.00 lakhs.

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When will the Supreme Court release a particular ruling?

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