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Which other firms have you applied to job?

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who will possess the property owned by a man on his demise as per hindu religious property transfer act???

2 Answers  

please give me asnwer about the huf created and which to be shown in huf as per income tax rulse

1 Answers  

What is the point of having a judge when decisions are made by the jury?

0 Answers  

what will be the Journal entry for, Goods sold to james on credit for rupees 20,000.?

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hi i have a problem plz help me. my husband went to USA 4 years back, now he is rejecting now a days he is not calling me, my parents r in deep depression,am not getting what action i have to take, now i want to teach a lesion to him, when he is going to USA he take fake bank statements and fake experience letters, i have all the documents with me, as a indian wife i support in all the directions when he is going to USA, still now am waiting for him plz give me some phone numbers and email id's to give complaint

14 Answers  

Should fat people have to pay extra on planes if they need to take two seats

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Which article contains fundamental duties ?

2 Answers  

Is there any full form for "LAW" ???

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What reference sources should you use to insure that an outgoing correspondence is accurate and correct?

1 Answers  

Is sales Tax Applicable in companies under SEZ organisation (Special Economic Zone)What is it Rate. What is Form -I For SEZ Companies

0 Answers  

Do you know the Law of Demand?

0 Answers   RBI,

whether Income tax has to be paid on the interst paid on deayed payment of gratuity as per sec.7(3) (a) of gratuity act,1972 of India

0 Answers   Banking,