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which constitution is more stable? rigid or flexible.

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What reference sources should you use to insure that an outgoing correspondence is accurate and correct?

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What is TDS on Deposits?What is the periodicity of deduction of tax?When the tax is deducted on a term deposit?

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optimal mindset

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What is issuer's liability after issuing a Post-Dated Cheque, if the beneficiary presents to his bank before the cheque date and my bank dishonours this? Can my bank also charge me penalty on this?

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Who is a magistrate?

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What is difference between India and Hindustan according to law and geography.

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We are manufacturer for Export material , and Material cleared without payment of Excise duty Notification No. 43/2001 Dtd. 06.06.2001 of Rule 19 of C.E. Rule 2002. Can I Purchase Raw Material Under above Rule

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insider trading

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what is wealth tax

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My bf applied for the fiance visa then things didn't worked out. He recently sent a letter to cancel it but we got back together again and want to keep to visa progress going. How Can we stop the cancelling the fiance visa? Can we do that?

0 Answers   US Consulate,

send me sample paper of law officer in bank pre test

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if accendent happaned of car & container. the containar escape after heatting to car but car driver dont have driving licence so it will clame for insurance or not & is required FIR for insurance claim????????????????

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