whatisthe internal audit? and exteranal audit?

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whatisthe internal audit? and exteranal audit?..

Answer / vasu

Internal Audit is the audit which organization's own
department which name can be Audit department do to check
the function of finance department and as well other
departments. Aduit department checks the Accounts of the
organization and estimates the year budget.
External Audit is the audit the organization calls other
Audit organizations to check their records.

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whatisthe internal audit? and exteranal audit?..

Answer / vaidyanath ramdasi

internal audit is checking of companies accounts relatd to
company by internal auditors of th same company conducted
quarterly wise and External audit is audit conducted by out
sourced audit specialised team to know the financial status
of the concened company

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whatisthe internal audit? and exteranal audit?..

Answer / essam mohsen taea

internal audit:checking and control of company accounts by
its own auditors to determine the accuracy of accounts.
external audit:checking and control of company accounts by
out souced auditors to determine the the accuracy of
accounts and preparing financial satatments according to

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