Hi all
I am newbie to Manual testing.
can any one gudie me, How to write test cases
for "financial forums" manually.
If the company have use cases How to perform testcases for
the formus.
Experinced people working for Financial company, give some
Pls throw some examples ( I want to get an Idea in my mind)
Pls this is very Urgent requriment for me.
Any help appreciated.


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Hi all I am newbie to Manual testing. can any one gudie me, How to write test cases for "fi..

Answer / guest

sure its simple to

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Hi all I am newbie to Manual testing. can any one gudie me, How to write test cases for "fi..

Answer / ron h.

In writing test cases to test applications software the
test cases are defined by looking through the Business
Analyst documents called the Design Specs and the Detailed
Design Specs. (Also called the External and Internal
Design Specs). Every requirement within the specs should
be identified and written down as each of these will become
a test case item. The test case then is written so that a
person running the test will perform a series of test steps
so that each requirement is tested. The test cases should
be reviewed by the Business Analyst prior to use to verify
that the test will actually verify the requirement being

The test case should include at minimum the following:
A Header section with the following items:
Project Name
Test Case Description
Module Under Test
Version/Build Number
Test Case Number
Setup for Test Preconditions
Test Case Written By
Tested By
Test Date
A Test Steps section with the following items:
Test Step Number
Test Step Action
Expected Results
Actual Results

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