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When will capital gain araises?

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When will capital gain araises?..

Answer / p. navaneetha krishnan

Capital Gain arises only on the following case.

When the book value of a WDV asset (Land, Builiding /
Shares) is Rs.1,00,000/- and the same is sold for
Rs.5,00,000/- the difference between the sales value - book
value is capital gain.

If the above said assets sold after 3 years it is Long term
Capital Gain / or else it is Short term capital gain.

All Depreciatable assets are falls only on Short Term
Capital Gain." Special Case" - As Per Law.

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When will capital gain araises?..

Answer / maka narendrakumar

When an asset sold for higher rate than the book value capital gain arises.
Capital gain= Sale value-book value
Capital gains are two types--> Long term capital gains(LTCG) and Short term capital gains (STCG)
LTCG arises when the asset sold after 3 years from the purchase date, Before 3 years STCG. Capital gains arises from all the depreciable assets are STCG

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When will capital gain araises?..

Answer / rrlgrp

capital gain arises when the fixed asset sold more than its
market value.

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