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difference betwwen the 4.6 & 4.7 ecc versions

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what is the meaning of double entry system & Double entry system?

8 Answers   Bhel,

What is meant by undercast and overcast in accountancy? Explain with some transactions and their corresponding journal entries.

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What's Authorized share capital?

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what is bank reconciliation statement

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What is contract accounting?

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42. G.Simkins sends back stock to J.J. Fabrics (a supplier), having originally purchased it on Credit. J.J. fabrics issued a Credit note for the value of these goods. In simkinsā€™ books, the double entry for this transaction should be. a) Debit : J.J. Fabrics; Credit purchases b) Debit : purchases; credit J.J. Fabrics c) Debit : J.J. Fabrics; credit purchase returns d) Debit: purchases returns; credit J.J Fabrics.

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Gross salary is 762000, PF deducted 38000, ESI deducted 6700, TDS deducted 6000, Advance deducted from staff 12000, net salary sent to bank 699300. How do we enter journal in Tally 7.2

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What do you mean by ratio analysis

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