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do you or anyone has 100or over test cases in different

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More Manual Testing Interview Questions

Can anyone please suggest me a online book on manual testing??

0 Answers  

What is defect WITHDRAW? When you do this?

0 Answers   Accenture,

as a test eng, tell me ur challenges? aug 6. plz answer

2 Answers   CTS, HP, Mannaran,

tester can give suggestion to developer "how to fix the bug" in bug report

4 Answers   ISTQB,

What is GreenBox Testing

18 Answers  

How to write negative testcase?

7 Answers   R Systems,

What are cookies and how to test cookies

6 Answers   Chetu India, Teradata, Wipro,

How will u write the test case if u dont have the requirements and ahve the similar application

7 Answers   Persistent,

What is Quality Analyst?Give some Example?

2 Answers  

If you open a bug in build -1 and that get closed in build-2 . Again the same bug a raised in build -3. Then what state will you give to that?

6 Answers   TCS,

What is white box testing, and what are the various techniques?

0 Answers  

What is the difference between static and dynamic testing?

6 Answers   HCL, Yardi,