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what is the income tax-meaning,rates for
2008-09,procedure,when income tax is filling,form of all
income tax heads,complete information about income tax?

what is the income tax-meaning,rates for 2008-09,procedure,when income tax is filling,form of all ..

Answer / saji soman

tax paid on income on the different categories that is on
salary, house hold property & business before the assessing

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My company liable to paid Service tax for GTA (Goods Transport Agency) in Jan,Feb & March month. our Transport made on 15.02.09 and Transport bill accounted on 02.03.09. on 25.02.09 Service tax reduced 12.36% to 10.30%. So my quastion is what rate should i caluculate to paid the tax. while transport date (12.36%) or Bill accounted date (10.30%) pl tell me.

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i am peeyush tiwari working in ignou as accounts assistant my salary is 8000/-pm i want to know that how much tds i have to pay and how and my job nature is contractual basis

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