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I am facing the active Screen Problem in loadrunner.While
runnning the script active screen pop up is dispalying,
always asking for username and password.This popup having
OK,Cancel and HELP buttons.After clicking any OK or CANCEL
button , then only it is moving to next step.What can i do?
Please give any suggestion...

I am facing the active Screen Problem in loadrunner.While runnning the script active screen pop up..

Answer / veera

Hi Iam Veera, 09767694449

Ur script is not really having any problem, it is just
asking authonticated ID & PWD, I have ur app is having
windows NT authontication..

The solution is put web_set_user function at top section in
init scetion and provide the details in the function.

read help docs about web_set_user.


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