What is Cisco register bits? How they help?

What is Cisco register bits? How they help?..

Answer / manish

Register bits are represened in hexadecimal digits....

Cisco register bits are used to control the booting function
of the devices....like we have 4 different types of booting
options available for the cisco devices...
1. ROMMON mode (0x2100)- is used for the normal trouble
shooting like password recovery....
2. BOOTROM (RXBOOT) (0x2101)- is used for the disaster
recovery like IOS recovery....
3. Normal Mode (0x2102)- is the normal booting sequence used
by any device to function properly.
4. Setup mode (0x2142)- is used when the device is not
having any configuration setting in it(deleted) or the
device is brand-new.

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