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hi friends ..........
from srs to signoff what r the tests the testing team will
conduct either sequentially or parallel
pls advice thanks in advance

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hi frinds ,,what is the difference between QA & QC , i need only real time definations ,pls pls

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I attended CDC software written test on 14th august 2009.time is 45 minutes. 10 objective type questions & 10 descriptive questions. In objective they asked questions from database like what is MTTF,Hotfix,Normalization,table index is used for what?,Release notes etc... 1.What is Registry? 2.What is compatibility testing? 3.Diff between Automated&Performance testing? 4.What is testing for availability? 5.Open database connectivity interface is used for/ 6.Difference btn Application and DLL'S? 7.What is code complete? 8.What is Release candidate? 9.What is smoke test? 10.Is virus a bug?

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Hi, My name is Dinesh.I want to prepare for ISTQB certification , So can anyone please email me the syllabus of it and what is criteria for giving exam.Please email me answers at:

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