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what file shows all available ports?

what file shows all available ports?..

Answer / ramanji.gundala


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how will u create user with out asking a password?

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what is the 3rd field of /etc/inittab file..? what are the possible values of that field...?

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I want to Know how many LUNs are in my Solaris10 server as well as NIC cards ?

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how to add patched to the kernel

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If root file system 100% full what you have to do?

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what r the configuration files for SAMBA and how can u configure samba on network with windows machines

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what is State database replica?

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what is file system ?can u explain briefly ?

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How to identify multiple paths for a disk.?

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what is the use of TCP wrappers

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How would you freeze a service group?

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how to know the creation time of users and creation time of zones in solaris

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