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Definition of priority queue was given. We have to implement
the priority queue using array of pointers with the
priorities given in the range 1..n.
The array could be accessed using the variable top. The list
corresponding to the array elements contains the items
having the priority as the array index.
Adding an item would require changing the value of top if it
has higher priority than top.
Extracting an item would require deleting the first element
from the corresponding queue.
The following class was given:
class PriorityQueue
int *Data[100];
int top;
void put(int item, int priority); // inserts the item with
the given priority.
int get(int priority); // extract the element with the
given priority.
int count(); // returns the total elements in the priority
int isEmpty(); // check whether the priority queue is empty
or not.
We had to implement all these class functions.

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