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dEBUG MODE. My question is in whic sitution we use these
modes Explain me with example

DIFFERENT RUN MODE IN QTP..1-VERIFY MODE 2-UPDATE MODE 3- dEBUG MODE. My question is in whic situti..

Answer / anshul mittal

Verify Mode : This mode is used when we want to compare the
result of our test in the future with the same test run.

E.g. When we run the test qtp show two option . 1) save the
test result in new folder 2) save the test in temporary folder

The 1) one is the verify mode.

Debug Mode: The 2) option above is an example of debug mode.

Update Mode: when we want to update the vale of checkpoint
in the test.

Example: While recording the test the date was 11/1/09 and
when we run the test it is different so we should run it in
update mode otherwise test run will throw an error

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