What will u do first when u are asked to start
testing ?

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What will u do first when u are asked to start testing ?..

Answer / umadhurjati

First We will study the requirements , next we will
prepare testplan , scenarios and testcases .
In the case of automation testing we must check pre
requasites for test bed setup.
Finally we start the testing.

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What will u do first when u are asked to start testing ?..

Answer / rajendra prasad reddy

Hello Umadhurjati

U explained above test bed creation.

But when ever one tester asked to start testing first we
need to excute the smoke etsting on the given build.

Some times some application may not have SRS Docs even we
will test the application by adhoc testing technique.


Rajendra Prasad Reddy

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What will u do first when u are asked to start testing ?..

Answer / amit

First we go through the requirement doc. Prepare test plan

1)Estimate total time to prepare test cases
2)how will we conduct the testing(availability of resources)
is it automated or manual?
3)Estimate total time to execute test cases

Then prepare test scenario

and derive testcases from usecase

and execute all test cases and send fTR report to project

if it's enhancement then only we run our smoke checklist and
check the resolved bug and run regression suit

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What will u do first when u are asked to start testing ?..

Answer / madhanpaliwal

first we should go through the requirement and we should
under stand the requirement.Than we should start writing the
test cases.
We should start testing the product with smoke testing so if
their is some critical bug in the product than we will come
to be known in the early stage.so we can send the bug to
development team and the development team will have
sufficient time to fix it.

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