what is oops

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what is oops ..

Answer / satyagmk

Opps is Object oriented programming language.
The main aim is to creating an Object to The Entire program
and that to we can control entire program using the Object.
the main features of OPPS is Polymorphism,Multiple
Inheritence,abstraction and encapsulation.

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what is oops ..

Answer / sandeep

Opps is Object oriented programming language.
it is technique communication takes place between objects. they interact by sending message to each other.

object,classes,inheritance,data abstraction,data encapsulation,polymorphism,overloading,reusability.

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what is oops ..

Answer / abhi

In the OOP's concept we devide our project in different
modules(also called a classes) and then create a object for
particular module and with the help of this object, we use
the functionality of particular module. In OOP's concept we
can't do anything without an Object.

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what is oops ..

Answer / hemu

oops is object oriented programming language.
whole program depends upon a object created.
it has many features like as polymorphism,

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what is oops ..

Answer / pawan kumar

oops mean's everything in happen with the help of Object and
classes.oops provide new feature such as
polymorphism,Inheritance and Encapsulation.both provide new
functionality to oops.basically the classes are execute with
the help of object.

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what is oops ..

Answer / ravi kumar

OOPS measn Object oriented programming system or paradigm system
oops has three most basic concept class, object and method
and however are a few more concept that you will want to
familiar with that.these are inheritance, polymorphism,
abstraction and encapsulation.

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what is oops ..

Answer / jafer

object oriented programming language is mainly to used by
an object..it is a robust one, anything from the program we
can access through the object only..without the object we
can't access the program . the oops concepts are

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what is oops ..

Answer / alka


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what is oops ..

Answer / yasir

oops is object oriented programming languages which consist
an objects through which we can manage and control the
program by that object and also they facilitate for
abstraction,encapsulation,polymorphism and inheritance the
object of program....

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what is oops ..

Answer / sachin

It is a process through which we can divide a complicated
program into modules and allocate particular memory area for
each data member and functions. And we can make templates on
our own interest by using these modules.

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