How can would you create an instance of the object in COM

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How can would you create an instance of the object in COM..

Answer / chandrasekharreddy siddamreddy

To create the instance of COM componet use the following
To access the component that was there in local system use
following API
CoCreateInstance(clsid,NULL(used for
&pRequestedInterface );

To access the COM componet remotely use the following API

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How can would you create an instance of the object in COM..

Answer / balaji

We can use CreateInstance And CoCreateInstance to create an
instance of the object in COM.

HRESULT CreateInstance(void* pfnCreateInstance,REFIID riid,
void** ppvObj );

[in] A pointer to a creator function.
[in] The IID of the requested interface.
[out] A pointer to the interface pointer identified by
riid. If the object does not support this interface, ppvObj
is set to NULL.
Return Value

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