what are the problems in logshipping?

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Answer / d patel

- Logshipping failover is not automatic process. DBA must
sitll muanually do. that means DBA must be present when the
failover occurs

- The users will experience some downtime. How long depends
on how well you implement log shipping

- Some data will be lost

- The database that are being failed over to the standly
server cannot be used for anythings.

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Answer / chhavi...sql server dba_431,44

Let me rephrase it first...Limitation in logshipping...

1. Automatic failove is not possible.
2. There will be some data loss because you can't configure
the backup job to run less than 2 minutes.

But insted of these limitation we have many advantages:
1. We can configure the restore job to run with sufficint
delay to recover from user's error.
2. We can have more number of secondaries
3. Also provide log backup backup which can be utilize in
point in time recovery

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Answer / parker

Logshipping is a new feature of SQL Server 2000. We should
have two SQL Server - Enterprise Editions. From Enterprise
Manager we can configure the logshipping. In logshipping
the transactional log file from one server is automatically
updated into the backup database on the other server. If
one server fails, the other server will have the same db
and we can use this as the DR (disaster recovery) plan.

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