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what will you do after completiing your MS?

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what will you do after completiing your MS?..

Answer / urrihiosh

There are many MNC's in India. I'll definitely come back
and join one of them.

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what will you do after completiing your MS?..

Answer / preety

after completing my MS, if i got some opportunity to gain
practical hand-on experience i will go for that..and then
come back to my country where my experience in US will help
me in getting me job easier. i want to bring benefits to
my homeland and use my skills in bringing development to
my country.

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Hi, I am Gulshan... I had appeared for interview twice and going to apply for third time. I have done BCA in 2004 and since 2004 i am in working with leading finace company. I have applied for MBA. I have not given any ILETS or GMAT exam. First time the consulate asked me for my GMAT score and i was unable to give any answer. but the second time the interview was very quite imperessive. i havd given every answer to their questions but again they refused. I dont know the reason for second time. Kindly suggest me, is there any possiblities to get visa in third time?

5 Answers   TeleTech,

hi guys, i did mba n i again i wana pursue mba programe with another specialization.if VO ask why do you choose again mba.what will i say?one more thing for getting visa which path is better by mba or by bsc?if ur answer bsc what will i do for two years gap?

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hi iam saikiran my betch percentage is 56% of 24 backlogs og gre 860 ,ielts 5.5 ,i will get visa or not please give me some suggestions

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Why do you choose bachelor in business administration major?

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my interview is in few days!if vo ask m y this specfic university??i should tell the features of that university??

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I am going to USA to get an Ms Degree in Sociology.So if I am asked what scope do you think this subject has in your home country?

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i have applied for oklahoma university based only on ielts score- 6.5 and i have not written gre, and i got i20. but im scared about visa interview. will they reject my visa because of this reson?

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i am chander nd i completed my b-tech with 54%. I am having too many backlogs i.e 21 nd my gre score is 1230,toefel yet to be there any chance for me getting visa,plzz........ reply to my question

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hi this is raghu. my visa rejected in Chennai. and i have applied again in Hyderabad. but in Hyderabad i said my backlogs 5,in Chennai i said 7 which is my actual backlogs, but in Hyderabad again rejected again so what can i do?

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Hi Sweety here. is success ratio considered during visa interview depending upon the i 20 received from the universities and the no. of universities applied?

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How can u prove that u will come back after finishing yr studies?

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What are the requirement for usa student visa

0 Answers   US Consulate,

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