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What is difference between nanoemulsion and microemulsion?

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What is difference between nanoemulsion and microemulsion?..

Answer / thakur sushant

Microemulsion is thermodynamically stable while
nanoemulsion is kinetically stable.
The globule size of ME is less than that of NE.
NE possess short term stability while ME possess long term

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What is difference between nanoemulsion and microemulsion?..

Answer / lalit patel

"NANOEMULSION" is a thermodynamically stable isotropically clear dispersion of two immiscible liquids, such as oil and water, stabilized by an interfacial film of surfactant molecules.
The dispersed phase typically comprises small particles or droplets, with a size range of 5 nm-200 nm.
"MICROEMULSION" is a liquid dispersions of water and oil
that are made homogenous, transparent and thermodynamically stable by the addition of relatively large amounts of a surfactant and a co-surfactant and having diameter of the droplets in the range of 100 – 1000 A (10 – 100 nm).”

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What is difference between nanoemulsion and microemulsion?..

Answer / nisarg mistry

Name it self suggest that
- Microemulsion has micron size diameter.while nano
emulation has nanometer size globules.
- Both emulsions are clear transperent but nano emulsion
has better stability than microemulsion.
- Nano emulsion has better therapeutic value than micro so
dose requirement of nano emulsion is less than

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What is difference between nanoemulsion and microemulsion?..

Answer / sandee[

ntng its simple nano emulsion is biphasic micro emulsion is
mono phasic

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