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how we can see in SENSEX and NIFTY listed companies ?

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who prepaired the draft of Indian constitution?

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mention different sources through which preliminary expences can be write off,if co. is incurring losses can still preliminary exp. can be write off

0 Answers   AHM,

How to break service bond

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Do visa L1A holders have to pay import tax?

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why are the laws are so phophorus?

1 Answers   TATA,

when was the supriem court was first inogorated?

1 Answers   HAL,

There have been a lot of assumptions regarding the use of Plant and Machinery being registered and covered by insurance. Is it necessary for non-tyre mounted excavation equipment working on construction sites to be registered?

0 Answers   Reliance,

what is the status of companies regarding merger, demerger and amalgamation in India ?

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Where can i get the details about case laws?

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If a main contractor fails to do the job and job is completed with the help of subcontractor of main contractor, what is the provision relating to payment to subcontractor in such cases under Income Tax Act. (w.r.t. TDS)

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when was jazia imposed?

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Can we apply IEC Certificate & professional tax certificate manually ? i.e. without online

0 Answers   Safeco,