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an offence punishable under IPC qnly when attempted and not
when committed.

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Fill in the blank Partnership act----------

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What is surcharge?

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I have completed 4 years of service in railway now onwards i am pursuing LLB so i complete my LLB in next 3 years then my service duration will be 7 years , am i eligible for applying LAW ASSISTANT IN RAILWAY.

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Fill in the blank Income tax act-----------

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What you know about the impact of the Human Rights Act on law in this country?

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In India, chief justice of states retirement age

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is the carbon dust collected from the stask of diesel set is hazardous waste ?

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if a person has served the organization from 1st Oct 2005 till 10th Sep 2010, is liable for gratuity payment?

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We are manufacturer for Export material , and Material cleared without payment of Excise duty Notification No. 43/2001 Dtd. 06.06.2001 of Rule 19 of C.E. Rule 2002. Can I Purchase Raw Material Under above Rule

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If my friend locks me in a room, and says I am free to come out whenever I like as long as I pay £5, is this a deprivation of liberty?

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the supreme court of india enunciated the basic structure of the constitution in

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How much you will prepare on the files for trial do you do?

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