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What are the legislations framed in india relating to
Railways which is one of the public utilities services?

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I got selected in Department of Posts,India as sorting assistant in RMS. I am MA rank holder and got research grant from state govt funding agency . will i get a loss of pay long leave from department of posts or do i have to resign? thanks sabu

0 Answers   India Post,

pleae send rrb ASM question papper with answer

0 Answers   RRB,

hello, could any one send me HPCL chemical sample paper

0 Answers  

can any tell me in which place NIC "scientific officer" written test going to held at banglore?...if u know the details of this please mail me

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I Got selected for final interview in NFC for UDC.Can any onw help who knows what kind of quesations will be asked if any one who has attended before or who has knowledge on this.

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Hi frds,iam preparing for po's and clerical cadre exams in sbi and allahabad bank plz can anyone sujjest me good book for preparing ???/ mail me to

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hi, I am savy ,i have appiled for hpcl officer trinee in electrical streem ,written test will be 0n 17th feb 2007 , plz send any previous question papers you have .............. plz help me.............

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Wat is SAS in CGDA? its grade pay and fututre prospect?how long one can goin hierarchy after clearing this exam? plz give all the info related to SAS.

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What is the differences between char and varchar in Oracle/SQL

0 Answers   ISRO,

i want 2 know that, when the class 1 officers prelimniary test is conducted in maharashtra? in which month?when they give the notice in news paper. and how to apply? my mai id is

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Hi, I am called for interview for UIIC's Administrative officer(IT, Hardware, Networking), What are the questions generally asked in IT administrative officer job interviews. Please help me ASAP, my interview is on 24th july 09.

3 Answers  

Hi there ppl, am i eligible for writting groups examination with the qualification of polytechnic diploma(DECE)? Please let me know if i am eligible. Hope to here soon and thanx to all in advance.

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