A store owner decided to raise the price of a particular
item by exactly 10%. Of the following which is NOT the new

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5) DB2 maintains information about the data a) In Tables b) In a set of tables known as DB2 catalog c) In DB2 database d) None of the above

0 Answers   Infosys,

"what category of job are you looking for and why"asked from an mep engineer.

0 Answers   Grocon Construction Australia,


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who is frist chief commissioner of income tax in india

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A man sat on west he turned angel of 90 degree know where he sat

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There are two natural numbers. A cube difference of the squares is a square difference of their cubes.These are the smallest possible numbers. what is the sum of these numbers?

0 Answers   HDFC,

1.) In the coming state elections, Bharat Mata Party (BMP) will contest for 77 assembly seats. As BMP's majority vote bank is distributed amongst three communities viz. A, B and C, it will give election tickets only to those workers who belong to these communities. The workers of communities B and C are split into factions. Every faction of community B has 15 workers and that of community C has 25 workers. There were no factions among the workers belonging to community A. If BMP gives a ticket to a worker, it must give tickets to every other worker belonging to the same faction. BMP distinguishes between any two workers only on the basis of their communities. In how many ways can BMP distribute its election tickets giving at least one ticket to each community?

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In an examination, 35% of the students passed and 455 failed. How many students appeared for the examination?

10 Answers   TCS, Banking,

which country is following one party system ?

2 Answers   SSC,

There are 3 ponds and rose plant in the garden of a magician. The ponds are magical and when we put flower in it, it will double them. The magician to test his assistant sets this task. The assistant has to pluck some flowers from the rose plant and put them all in the first pond, then when they double he has to take a few flowers from the first pond and put them all in the second pond, and they are doubled in the second pond has to take a few from the second pond and put them in the third which will be doubled. The task is at the end of the activity all the ponds must have the same no of flowers. He cannot carry any flowers with him and neither can he put fresh flowers in to second or third pond. how many flowers should he pluck from the plant and how many are transfered from first to second and second to third pond?

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A man has house old expenses 50% And 20& for transport & 15& other expenses & 240 for recreation what will his budgeted salary pla reply interview on 22 Aug 2011

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how can i get previous ssc data entry question papers?... if u have any idea pls give me very kindly.....

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