1.what are the different types of testing techniques ?

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Answer / pradeep kumar

Basically ther are two types, they are
1. Static Testing Technique
2. Dynamic Testing Technique

Static Testing Technique:
Testing without executing the program or a
module. Static testing is of diffent types, they are
Review is of two types 1. Formal Review and Informal Review
and Inspection, Walkthroughs, Desk checking, Peer rviews,
Proof Reading comes under Reviews
Desk Checking,Proof Reading, Peer review are Informal
Inspection is Formal Review
Walkthrough can be both formal and informal

Dynamic Testing Technique:
Testing with executing the program or a module.
there are four different types. They are
1. Boundary Value Anlysis.
2. Equivalence Partitioning
3. Decision Table.
4. State Transition

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Answer / rudraneel

The Testing strategies are mainly two types

1.WBT (White Box Testing) done by the developers
A)Unit Testing

B)Integration Testing

2.BBT (Black Box Testing) done by the testers
C)Syetem Testing
i) Usability Testing
ii) Availablity Testing
iii) Configuration Testing
iv) Compatability Testing
v) Performance Testing
a) Stress Testing
b) Load Testing
c) Recovery Testing
vi) Maintainbility Testing
a)Corrective Maintenance
b)Perfective Maintenance
c)Adaptive Maintenance
vii) Reliability Testing
viii) Accessibility Testing
ix) Installation Testing

D)User Acceptance Testing
i) Alpha Testing
ii) Beta Testing

There are many others kinds of Testing...those are not
mandatory for all companies...these are

1. Positive Testing
2. Negative Testing
3. Smoke Testing
4. Sanity Testing
5. Monkey Testing
6. Gorilla Testing
7. Database Testing
8. OperationalTesting
9. Post-Mortem Testing
10.Ad-Hoc Testing
11.Error Guessing
12.Localization Testing
13.Internationalization Testing
14.Gray Box Testing
15.GUI Testing etc..................

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Answer / brindha

White box testing (a.k.a. clear box testing, glass box testing, transparent box testing, or structural testing) is a method of testing software that tests internal structures or workings of an application as opposed to its functionality (black box testing).

White box testing techniques are:

1. Statement coverage
2. Decision coverage
3. Condition coverage
4. Path coverage (done using cyclomatic complexity)

Black-box testing is a method of testing software that tests the functionality of an application as opposed to its internal structures or workings.

Black Box testing techniques are:

1. Boundary Value Analysis.
2. Equivalence Partitioning
3. Decision Table.
4. Cause Effecting Analysis

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Answer / pavan

There are 2 types of testing techniques

1. Black Box testing: It is a method of testing in which the black box test engineer will perform testing on the functional part of the application without having any knowledge on the structural part of an application.

2. White box testing: It is a method of testing in which the white box test engineer will perform testing on the structural part of an application. Usually the developers are the White box test engineers.

Apart from this 2 techniques there are one more desired technique called gray box testing.

Gray box testing: It is a method of testing in which one will perform testing on both the functional part and structural part of an application. Usually who has knowledge on the structural part of an application will perform this testing.

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