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what is your achievements?

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what is bpo is related wit accounts

1 Answers  

What is PBDIT?

9 Answers   Banking, Goldman Sachs, Pat Trade Links,

what is the difference between hirepurchase and lease?

1 Answers  

I have complited my ERP course in FICO module. Now I want to work in ERP package. Please suggest me how I will apply for the organisation works in ERP environment.

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Expand ------DPM

2 Answers  

A----------involves transfer of money or moneys worth from one person to another

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3 Answers   ITC Infotech,

what is ration analysis

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Explain Cash Basis of accounting

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Why Copyrights,patents,goodwill etc.etc. falls under real account and not nominal or personal account? I know anything which affect trading & Profit & Loss accounts are nominal accounts.And the above do not affect the Trading or P/L accounts but on the other hand they are intangible and neither can they fall under real accounts as Real accounts are those that are not personal and they are tangible. Again in another way if we see, Patents, Copyright ,Goodwill etc. etc. kindoff acts as a representative of a person or a company like in the same way as a Bank or Company name,so they can they not fall under Personal Account??

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What is Analysing

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What is GAAP ?

7 Answers   Capital IQ,