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what is DNS server?

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what is DNS server?..

Answer / jahangir


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what is DNS server?..

Answer / ganesh

DNS is the short form of Domain Name System. The DNS server
translates the domain names into IP addresses.

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what is DNS server?..

Answer / srisudha

DNS is useful in remembering the IP addresses in the
alternate way.

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what is DNS server?..

Answer / ajay

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the system that allows us
to use a familiar string of letters (the "domain name")
instead of the arcane IP address.

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what is DNS server?..

Answer / m.t.dhivya

without finding the ip address we can also use DNS server
to get the URL.

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what is DNS server?..

Answer / kalyan

DNS means domain name syatems,its a naming system for
computersor any resources participating in internet. or its
an internet service which describes an ip address

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