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What are the major testcase design techniques?

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What are the major testcase design techniques?..

Answer / debjani sen

I think most commonly used techniques are--
1.Boundary values analysis
2.Equivalent class participation
3.Decision table
4.Orthogonal Array
5.State transition technique(rarely used)
This 5 are sufficient for designing test cases for any kind
of requirement

Friends this is my understanding..Please correct me if I am
wrong...Please put your valuable
Thank u

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What are the major testcase design techniques?..

Answer / lingaraju

Hi friends

1) BVA (Boundary values analysis)
2) Equivalent class partition (ECP)
3) Error guessing

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What are the major testcase design techniques?..

Answer / kiran

hi i trhink this are desing techniques

Boundary values analysis
Equivalent class participation
Error guessing
This are major techniques

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What are the major testcase design techniques?..

Answer / smitha

ECP and
Cause Effect Graph

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