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why i need to hire u?

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why i need to hire u? ..

Answer / ananth nag janyavula

sir, we just see what r the requirements which r needed for
a call center agent ,
he/she has to be good at communication skills
he/she has to be good at typing,
he/she has to quick learner,
he/she has to be hardworking,enthusiastic person .

and i have all the above qualities sir,thats the reason u
needed to hire me.


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why i need to hire u? ..

Answer / guest

u want a efficient employees and i can work hard with this
combination the work will be efficient.

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why i need to hire u? ..

Answer / amarjeet aryan

I recieved a call from miss...... from .....consultancy
she told me about the job profile its looks very attractive
and appropraite for my career obejective and the second
thing i m capable for this position,i can work in 24*7
invoriment and i have good communication skill and i have
good typing speed, and in addition i can trouble shoot the
client problem think i m the best person for this

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