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Tell me about Job responsibilities

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hello i m sonu rawat now i m going on an int. and hr man tell me why u choose this organisetion so plz tell me what should i say them

0 Answers   BPO,

tell me initial department of the call center.

1 Answers   BPO,

why you want joint adp

1 Answers   ADP,

Give example of situation where you were able to set priorities and abide by them ?

0 Answers   Mobily,

Why politeness is must for call centre jobs?

7 Answers   AVM Associates, Wipro,

What are your planning in next role?

0 Answers   Mercer,

Are you comfortable working in Night shifts?

3 Answers   Reliance, Sparsh, UHG,

Why do u like to join the bpo

11 Answers   HCL, IBM, IntelNet,

what tune did elvis preasly arrive on sage to in las vagas

0 Answers  

How to Start PRI round(Personal introduction round) how to end it,how much time shld be taken in this round. guys please answer very clearly so every one can understand and i really apprecitae you reply.hope this will help every one in there life how is going to face this round.its a genrall and very first round.

18 Answers   Amazon, Amson, CTC, GE, IBM, Tech Mahindra,

What is the more disappointment aspect that u came across at u r current job....???

2 Answers   HSBC,

what have you done since morning?

5 Answers   American Express, HCL, Steria, Wipro,