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please narrate your daily routine.

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please narrate your daily routine...

Answer / vikas

Hello friends

usually i get up at 6:30 in the morning, after that i go for freshen ups and do my morning retuals. after that i take a shower and get ready to go to my office. and i take my break fast with tea. and i leave for office at about 9 'O' clock. and i reach my office at about 11:30 'O' clock. and start working there. usually i take my lunch at about 2:30 'O' clock. and after that i used to take a cup of tea. and get back to my work. i leave my office at about 6'O' clock. and i reach my home at about 8'O' clock. and change my clothes and take a cup of tea after that i step out with my friends for some fun. and come back to home at about 9:30 and i take my dinner with my family. i watch t.v for some time and at the end i get down on my bed at around 11:30 pm.

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please narrate your daily routine...

Answer / mohan

Usually i wake up early in the morning at 6 am. after that i go to the bathroom. i put my gym dress and go to gym. after working out arund 1 and half hour i come back to the room. I make black tea. which makes me fresh. my roommate prepares breakfast and i have my breakfast. i take shower and i turn on my pc. i read news, i check my fb and emails.i applied for job and i read lots of stuff from internet. I also like to see national geographic , discovery. around 1 pm t take my lunch and i take little nap. arount 2:30 i take a cup of tea and again i see tv. around 5 go out to meet my friends and i hang out with my friends till 8 pm. after that come back to the room and i prepared dinner and i eat dinner i check my fb and emails around 10 30 i go to the bed. if i have scheduled for an interview my daily routine goes little differently .this is all about my daily routine...

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please narrate your daily routine...

Answer / jatin chhabra

I woke up at 7 O;clock and then I fresh n up.By 8 O;clock I
ate my breakfast. Then at around 9 O;clock I study for
2hours. Then at 11 O;clock I watch TV programs for an hour.
Then at around 1:30 PM I have my lunch. At around 3 O;clock
I take a small nap for 30 minutes. In the evening I go to my
friend,s house and stay there for 1 or 1:1/2 hours. Then by
6 PM I drink some tea. Then at 7 O;clock I watch TV and by 8
O;clock I have my dinner. Usually I don;t eat much at night.
Then at around 10 O;clock, I go to bed.

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please narrate your daily routine...

Answer / vinod panchal

hi sir, in my daily routine

daily i get up at 7'o clock in the morning and then i go for morning walk and spend half n hour there. after that, i come to home and take tea and read newspaper. after that i take bath n finish breakfast. after that i go to my shop and help my father there for four to five hours then come again to home for lunch and always prefer to take nap in noon time and then near around 4.30 in evening i prefer to take tea and then again went to shop and in evening time, i call my friend and go to market on bike and then in night i come home and see IPL matches and near around 9 in the night, i take my dinner and near around 10'o clock, i go to bed

so that's my daily routine

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please narrate your daily routine...

Answer / akhilesh

i usually woke up at 8a.m. then i drink two glass of water and get freshen up. take bath, eat food and then i go outside to see what it's like. after that when i come back to my room, i eat my lunch and watch football on tv, then i study for like 3-4 hours and play some football afterwords on my laptop. as the times passes by, here comes times for dinner. after taking my dinnner, i study for 2-3 hours and then watch one movie everynight or sometimes porn, it depends upon mood. then i go to sleep between 1-2 am.

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please narrate your daily routine...

Answer / naina

yesterday i woke at at 7 am i went to gym den i came back home around 8.30 i took bath had my breakfast, i switch on tv and put on to music channel i love listing songs in morning bcoz it makes my day rocking and energetic after that i helped my mother in house hold works me and my family we had our lunch togethere around 2 i took a nap of 1 hour, in evening i went to market with my mom we buyed vegetables and other needfull stuff's den we came back home.. cooked had my dinner and den around 10 i went to bed & slept.

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please narrate your daily routine...

Answer / er.gian

I wake up Early in the morning ... i go for walk than i
come back and cleaned up myself and have my breakfast ..
At 10 Am to 12 Noon i attend my computer class and At
1 o'Clock i helped my mother in Household things ... at2 i
along with my mother take lunch together and at 5.30 pm my
father come back from his office .... than we have tea
together at 7 pm my Mother starts Preparing meal for us and
at 9.30 we have dinner together and than i always say gud
9t to my parents and go to my room to sleep .....

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please narrate your daily routine...

Answer / amme singh

Every one
i get up early in the morning and taking shower than 6'o
clock i am drinking milk and then i am going to gym at 6'o
clock and i am coming at 8'o clock than taking break fast
and 10'o clock i am going computer classes 2'o clock i am
coming than taking lunch and between 3 to 5'o clock i am
busy in chat with my friends and 5'o clock going to repeat
gym and 7'o clock i will come and 8'p clock iam taking
dinner and after spend the time with mine books and last iam
taking bed.

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please narrate your daily routine...

Answer / shweta

OMG! I get up at 6:30, freshen up, take bath, do prayer n have tea and start studying frm 8 to 9. Den mk brkfst for me n my hubby n have it. Come back to study by 10:30 am for two hours. n den start cooking at 12:30 pm, cook, pack his lunch and den have lunch, watch t.v., surf the net n take some rest till 5 pm. freshen up then i have tea at 5:30 n den i exercise frm 6 to 7. study again from 7 to 9. after 9 he is back we watch tv and hv dinner and walk or do treadmill n den we talk n sleep after 11:30 pm. I feel i m not doing justice to my day.. But after reading all the posts i think i m doing it fine. not bad. n yes i have to mk all the home arrangements too though i have a domestic help but den u hv to guide n supervise them for a neat n clean house.

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please narrate your daily routine...

Answer / juhi

firstly i wake up at 7 am in the morning...thn do some
house work...and thn ready to go for a college....and come
from clg at 4:30 ...thn i eat my luch and take some
rest ...thn studying till 9 o clock.....thn eat dinner wth
my family....thn after 9:30 pm surfing on internet....thn
at 12 o clock go to my bedroom and sleep

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