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if u have a application that is demo verson and u want to
perches it if u have full version.
Plz give me some test case for try to break the

if u have a application that is demo verson and u want to perches it if u have full version. ..

Answer / vija


be clear while asking a question...
u r saying that...
"u have demo version" and "full version" of the same

any have my answer for u is as follows(as per my understand)
1.check the functions of trial version stict to as
specified or not.
2.check all the functionalities of the trial version in
full version...thest scenarios should pass
3.apply the extra/extended functionalities of trial version
on full version... these tests should pass
4.execute the test cases of extra functionalities of full
version on trial version...these scenarios should fail.
5.check the working of trial version untill/after its
expary date.
6.check the options for registration/purchasing

I hope it enough...
any of u know onter scenarios... plz let me knw..

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